State ‘provides certainty’ for Queensland tourism

Funding will allow longer term planning for campaigns to attract more visitors to Queensland

The Palaszczuk Labor Government’s first budget has been hailed as ‘providing certainty’ for tourism and events in Queensland by allocating $400 million over four years.

Tourism & Transport Forum Australia (TTF) CEO Margy Osmond said she welcomed the Queensland Government’s decision to restore funding to the State’s tourism and events over the next four years.

“Reversing the former Government’s planned funding cut was a key ask of TTF in our Queensland election agenda and we are pleased the Palaszczuk Government has listened to the industry,” she continued.

“However, TTF now looks forward to working with the Government to increase funding for tourism in Queensland to ensure it remains competitive in Australia and in our region moving forward.

“Tourism is a critical economic driver for Queensland, generating $27.8 billion in overall expenditure and creates 140,000 direct jobs every year.

“Over the past five calendar years, international visitor expenditure in Queens-land has only grown 6.9 per cent, while New South Wales and Victoria have recorded 19.7 per cent and 34.7 per cent growth over the same period.

“Queensland’s neighbours are investing heavily in tourism. In New South Wales, the Government recently announced a 33 per cent increase to its tourism, major events and business events Budget, with a record allocation of $176 million.

“While today’s decision is an important first move, Queensland will need to continue investing in tourism to ensure it does not slip further behind its inter-state rivals.”

Osmond later said that the funding will allow longer term planning for campaigns to attract more visitors to the State.

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