Million dollar fish competition aimed at boosting NT low season tourism

Million dollar prize up for grabs

$1m fish competition aimed at boosting NT low season A million dollar barramundi is the number one prize in a Northern Territory Government campaign to attract tourists during low season.

The campaign, launched by NT chief minister Adam Giles, will see 76 barramundi tagged and released across the state. The number one fish will carry a $1 million dollar price tag and the other 75 will have $10,000 cash prize tags.

Giles said that he hoped the competition would generate national and international exposure and put the state on the global map as the place to come fishing.

He went on, “The Northern Territory has some of the best fishing in the world and the chance to catch the iconic Territory barramundi is one of fishing’s greatest challenges.

“Now the challenge comes with the potential of a $1 million reward. “

The million dollar fish competition will run from 1 October 2015 to 29 February 2016.

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