NSW leads the way in Aboriginal tourism

Steve Evans
Leading the way in Aboriginal tourism

NSW leads the way in Aboriginal tourism and provides more visitors with real indigenous experiences than any other state in Australia, says the industry body Destination NSW.

Last year Australia welcomed 3.4 million visitors who partook of an Aboriginal tourism experience, 1.4 million of them in NSW.

Destination NSW CEO, Sandra Chipchase said, “With one in five International visitors to NSW likely to engage in an Aboriginal tourism experience at some point during their stay, we know that visitors want to experience and under-stand NSW’s significant Indigenous heritage first hand. This is why Destination NSW launched the Aboriginal Tourism Action Plan to provide support for and to grow Aboriginal experiences in the state.

“NSW has the largest Aboriginal population in Australia and is home to some of the highest concentrations of Indigenous engraving sites and rock art in Australia.”

NSW currently has 16 Indigenous tourism leaders highlighting cultural experi-ences.

According to Chipchase, “The NSW Indigenous Tourism Champions are providing exciting and immersive tourism experiences that allow visitors to participate, learn about the local people, experience the culture and art, and visit Indigenous sites.”

“These leaders in Indigenous tourism are spread across NSW and offer very unique experiences, be it quad biking to heritage site on the North Coast, at-tending art and craft markets and workshops on Sydney’s southern beaches, sampling bush tucker in the Royal Botanic Gardens or having a full day cultural immersion tour of Mungo National Park in Outback NSW.”

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