Aussies get on their bikes in NZ

With cycling being the fastest growing participation sport in Australia, Tourism New Zealand says it has put it at the heart of its plans to drive more visitors to New Zealand.
Cycling has been identified by Tourism New Zealand as a special interest activity with the potential to drive shoulder season travel and attract higher value visitors.
Following a $50 million investment by the New Zealand Government and a further $30 million from local communities to develop Nga Haerenga (The New Zealand Cycle Trail), more Australians are now jumping on a bike when visiting New Zealand.
New Zealand High Commissioner to Australia Chris Seed, said the investment had already made noticeable improvements.
“The development of a world class network of cycle trails has seen nearly 10% of Australians participate in some form of cycling activity while visiting.”
TNZ Chief Executive Kevin Bowler, said research had shown nearly a quarter of all Australian visitors were open to the idea of cycling, “so there is still plenty we can do to illustrate how spectacular and appealing these two-wheeled journeys are”.
The scheme’s “23 Great Rides” gave Australians an active way to explore landscapes that were hidden away from roads yet close to everything – including food and wine, Bowler added.
“Some of the most popular trails include the abandoned gold mining country and snow-capped peaks of the Otago Central Rail Trail and West Coast Wilderness Trail, as well as the mighty rivers and geothermal hot pools on the Te Ara Ahi Trail.”
TNZ’s new video of the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail can be viewed here.
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