TNZ adds agents’ bike training module

Announcing the development of a new cycling and mountain biking agent training module, Tourism New Zealand says that a total of 18,895 modules of its 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist Programme have been completed this year by agents across key target markets.
The programme, which TNZ says is an important way to ensure travel sellers have a good understanding of New Zealand and are able to effectively and passionately sell it as a holiday destination, currently has 1,000-plus fully fledged specialists worldwide.
A key component of the programme is the completion of online training modules on TNZ’s trade website – a prerequisite for agents coming to New Zealand
Last year, a walking and hiking training module was launched to coincide with an increased focus on special interest travellers, who stay longer and spend more than other visitors.
Now, a similar module for cycling and mountain biking is also in development – following the completion of the New Zealand Cycle Trail network.
TNZ says, “Given that interest in cycling is significant across several of our key target markets, we want to ensure that travel sellers overseas are properly equipped to sell the world-class cycling experiences on offer here.”
TNZ continued, “It’s not just product knowledge, however, that we aim to provide through our trade training. We believe that Tourism New Zealand can play an important role in helping to educate international drivers prior to their arrival in the country. We are therefore developing an interactive driver safety training module for travel sellers overseas – so they can provide crucial information about New Zealand road rules and driving culture to those planning a self-drive holiday in New Zealand. It will be translated into seven languages in total and we are working alongside the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) to ensure the messaging is accurate.”
With April and May traditionally the busiest months, TNZ says that by the end of this financial year, over 1,200 travel sellers will have travelled to New Zealand on famils.

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