Come in Houston, says New Zealand

Tourism New Zealand’s Chief Executive Kevin Bowler says this week’s announcement from Air New Zealand regarding the commencement of flights between Houston in the USA and Auckland, is “a spectacular one for the industry”.
Visitor arrivals from the USA had been a stand-out performer in recent years, he said, driven in part by “the Americans’ love of The Hobbit Trilogy”.
He continued, “This new service will enable us to broaden New Zealand’s reach into the USA and the states that already deliver our second, third and fourth largest arrival numbers namely Texas, New York and Florida.
“Residents of southern states are known to travel during their summer to avoid the heat, which aligns perfectly to Tourism New Zealand’s strategy to encourage shoulder season travel.
“By providing visitors with an alternative to LA or San Francisco gateways we know that this announcement will have a significantly positive impact on the industry.
“It provides a meaningful market change that will help us to sustain the double digit growth we’ve been achieving.”
USA holiday arrivals for the year-ending February 2015 were up 13.8% while holiday spend was up 32% for the year-ending December 2015.

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