NZ – a country for high rollers?

New Zealand is attracting extra visitors who are staying longer and spending more but there seems less room for budget conscious backpackers and Brits.
New official data from Statistics New Zealand suggests that New Zealand’s appeal as a holiday destination continued to drive annual visitor growth during January this year – with total holiday arrivals up 5.6% for the 12 months ended January 2015.
Tourism New Zealand (TNZ) chief executive Kevin Bowler said it was a great start to 2015 with the emphasis on big spenders. The new holidaymaker figures were supported by visitors’ spend being up 13% and vacation length being up by almost nine days in 2014.
The figures were “great indications that we are attracting more high value visitors to the country,” he added.
There was a dip in arrivals from China for the month of January which could be attributed to the timing of Chinese New Year, which fell in February this year, Bowler said. However, with holiday stay days having increased by an annual 12.9% and holiday spend up 50%, there was a shift towards “higher quality and higher value Chinese travellers,” he said.
New Zealand’s largest source market, Australia, saw steady growth over the summer months with holiday arrivals up 2.4% for the year ended January and results were strong out of the Asian markets of Singapore (up 5%), Japan (up 10.3%), Korea (up 12.4%).
Total arrivals from India were up an impressive 21.7%, Brazil up 14.4% and Indonesia up 12.8% year-on-year.
Holiday arrival numbers from Western markets showed visitors from the US up 14.2%, Germany up 16% whereas the UK figure showed only a marginal 1.7% increase.

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