NZ is for old people, says survey

Travel industry bosses who believe their future is in the hands of tomorrow’s travellers might want to take a look at a refreshing new snapshot survey suggesting that only 100 planes will fly this year and that New Zealand is for old people.
Research commissioned by Geckos Adventures found that travel will be made exponentially better with ice cream, that air travel will see a decline (with only 100 aeroplanes expected to take off) and that New Zealand will experience an influx of older travellers in 2015.
The video report (watch it below), titled The Future of Travel, presents the findings of five expert ‘future travellers’, illustrated here:

“The results are astonishing,” said Geckos general manager Steve Wroe, “but they’re conclusive. We’re all just going to have to start eating more ice cream. I, for one, never saw any of this coming.”
The most popular destinations for 2015 include Africa for those who want to “discover new countries”, Russia for those wishing to visit Santa and Greenland because…um…it’s the coldest place in the world.
Destinations that will experience a tourist slump include America, Canada, Russia and India, for reasons still currently unknown.
Younger travellers will also shun New Zealand; however, the country should see an influx of older travellers – a point on which 75% of experts agreed.
The number of aeroplanes due to fly in 2015 was also a topic of debate, with some experts believing only one plane would leave the tarmac, whilst others (Dom, Benji and Isabeau) estimated the numbers to sit around the 40, 100 and 14.5 mark respectively.
Whether or not this means travellers will opt to swim, walk or cycle to their holiday destinations instead remains unclear.
Top travel tips for 2015 include wearing a seatbelt at all times, not becoming bored and avoiding sharp items in your carry-on.
The strongest piece of advice for travellers – to “have ice cream” on their travels this year – came from Isabeau, who says of her travel expertise: “My dad has a map in the kitchen and sometimes he asks me about countries on it.”
Added Wroe: “We conducted this research to see what the year ahead had in store for us. But we didn’t expect to end up with findings that have such global significance.”
Here’s the video: The Future of Travel

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