Is Australia FIT for the Chinese invasion?

In 2013, inbound Chinese tourists to Australia hit a massive 750,000 and spent over $5 billion. The marketing is clearly working.
It begs the question though, is the Australian tourism industry sufficiently ready to take on this tsunami of Chinese travelers? Do we have a good enough understanding of how to deal with the language and cultural differences? Can we even meet their technological needs?
Moving into this new wave of inbound Chinese tourists, there is emerging a new archetype of traveler coming out of China, FIT (that’s Free Independent Traveler for those not in the know), much younger, cashed up, and internet savvy. They have grown up with the internet and online searching and social media are tools they are well versed in and using to book their next travel experience.
If the Australian tourism industry is going to build a sustainable future attracting and maintaining inbound Chinese tourists, it needs to invest in not just marketing but in its ability to deliver on the promise. This means more tools to deal with the language, more learning to overcome the cultural differences and lot more energy towards delivering on customer services tailored specifically for the Chinese.
That’s why this is going to be an invaluable session at the 2014 Adventure and Backpacking Industry Conference.

One thought on “Is Australia FIT for the Chinese invasion?

  • October 19, 2014 at 2:45 am

    I’d suggest operators need to talk with their clients from China about how they found out about Australia and their experience in Oz, which can then be used to inform SEO search engine optimisation of their websites and social media. This can be in cooperation with their in country agents to ensure visibility all year round, vs the preference for events and/or paid digital ad campaigns.

    Good example of not what to do is in international education, e.g. state bodies’ websites supposedly promoting Study in Oz are generally invisible outside of English (i.e. like institutions, neither well SEO for other languages nor cooperating with agents), and any budget is spent on preferred events and travel…. short term PR vs long term marketing.


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