EXCLUSIVE: Mining jobs supposedly ‘in demand’ – even though the industry’s ‘winding down’

A report on the Australian Mining website has suggested that mining jobs are experiencing a boom in in Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland, with plenty of roles available.

According to the report, engineers, electricians and safety professionals are expected to be in demand until later on this year.

In its latest quarterly report, recruitment expert Hays noted that “residential remote mines are still looking for quality residential workers in various positions, and if candidates are prepared to relocate, then remote positions are available.”

However, when we spoke to Australian Mining a few weeks ago, they suggested that the industry was ‘slowing down’.

“The Australian mining industry is in a major shift at the moment, moving from a fast-paced construction and investment phase into a construction phase,”  the company said. “We are already seeing a slow down in the industry, and expect a gradual stabilisation as demand (particularly from China and India) levels off.”

So, what’s the deal? Is the mining industry losing momentum, or are things hotting up? And can tourism replace it as Australia’s top growth industry? Let us know your thoughts.

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