Hostelworld: A letter to members

Dear Partner,

I wrote to you some weeks ago to let you know that we had removed the deadline with regard to acceptance of our new terms and conditions, as we recognised that the planning, communication and timing of the new contract rollout could have been better. Since then our proposed merger with has received OFT approval and the deal is now complete. We were keen to finalise the merger before making any further modifications to the terms and conditions.   

We have reviewed the contract in the context of feedback we have received from various operators across multiple jurisdictions. We have worked to tighten up the language of some of the clauses within the contract that appear to have caused most concern. The primary modifications to the terms and conditions include removal of the price parity clause, changes within the availability clause to allow for operational challenges, changes to the tax clause, the inclusion of the ability for properties to exclude themselves from PPC online marketing activity, and the increase from 14 to 28 days notice requirement for future contract alterations. We are providing a detailed document which outlines the exact changes we have made which can be viewed here.

Our aim has been to ensure that it becomes a more operationally workable document for accommodation providers while still providing Hostelworld with the key elements that we believe are required to effectively represent the sector in what has become a significantly more competitive marketplace. This new version of the contract will be rolled out over the next few weeks to all our partners, including the 24,000 properties who have already agreed to the new terms and conditions.

Hostelworld has always considered itself to be an integral part of the budget travel industry and we place a high value on our relationship with all operators, regardless of size, location and commercial value. For those of our partners who have not yet signed the revised terms and conditions, we will continue to allow as much time as you need to review and understand the contract, while these modifications will automatically be provided to those who have already accepted the new terms. As always, please don’t hesitate to contact your Hostelworld representative to discuss any further queries you may have.

I look forward to our continued partnership,

John O’Donnell

Chief Operating Officer


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