Industry feedback requested for Sydney Expo

Andrew Paltridge, managing director of the Sydney Adventure Travel & Backpackers Expo poses the question to industry folk: should the expo be split into an inbound/outbound event?

We have had several comments over the past year or two regarding the Sydney Adventure Travel & Backpackers Expo. The expo is roughly half a “backpacker” (inbound) expo and half an “adventure” (outbound) one. Our most prevalent comment from exhibitors is there are too many locals; or too many overseas people (depending on the visitor the exhibitor is after).

Therefore, we are contemplating splitting the Sydney expo into two separate events… a backpacker event and an outbound event.

The backpacker one would likely be November as usual and would target only overseas travellers and overseas students.

The other expo (Adventure Travel) would be part of the co-hosted event earlier in the year (March) with the Holiday and Travel Show (as we are doing with our Melbourne and Brisbane expos).

Of course by splitting we would have 2 smaller expos, but believe this may give each its own identity and may in fact result in some exhibitors coming back to the events (on both sides).

The location for the backpacker event would be inner Sydney (and may or may not be Town Hall); and may tie in with all the other events (GBA’s, ABIC and ITE)

We welcome comments and feedback from this forum; or if you would like your comments to be private, please send an email to us:

We will also be sending out an on-line questionnaire for exhibitors and the industry to provide feedback on, so we can have some data to make decisions on about YOUR expo!

The possible split would only be for the Sydney expo.

Many thanks… look forward to some constructive comments that we can work with you on.

Andrew Paltridge

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