Calls for Golden Backpack innovation award


TNT are taking nominations for the Golden Backpack’s innovation award. 

We are looking for a product or service that has changed the way the consumer’s engage in the industry or something that has benefited operators across the board.

If your product or service sounds like the above, or you know of one, send through a brief explanation and any relevant media releases to

The Golden Backpack Awards are being held on the 8th of November at Dockside in Sydney.

If you haven’t yet got your ticket, you can book online below.

Click here for tickets.

One thought on “Calls for Golden Backpack innovation award

  • September 26, 2012 at 8:53 am

    Well going by recent comments, Mark for Codge Lodge in Innisfail will be voting for what he descibed as “A CREDIT IN INNOVATION” and “A HUGE BONUS FOR THE BACKPACKER INDUSTRY” – Greyhound opening a tour booking shop in Cairns! Yea Mark, because that’s never been done before!


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