ATEC looks ahead with Tourism 2020 plan

Australia’s tourism industry has praised the new step in the government’s National Long Term Tourism Strategy (NLTTS) with the launch of Tourism 2020.   

Tourism 2020‘s focus areas lie in productivity, innovation, digital technology, investment, transport capacity, labour and skills and Indigenous participation.

ATEC’s Felicia Mariani said: “Our members, and the tourism industry broadly, are keen to embrace the significant opportunities from our new and emerging markets and this announcement integrates the elements of the National Long-Term Tourism Strategy with the aspirations of the 2020 Tourism Industry Potential taking us to a new phase of industry growth and innovation.”

Ms Mariani said ATEC was significantly involved with developing indigenous tourism experiences.

“Last year ATEC established the NITTF to assist ATEC in exploring how to best integrate indigenous tourism into the overall Australian tourism offering.

“In March next year, ATEC will be co-hosting the inaugural Pacific Asia Indigenous Tourism Conference in Darwin where we can share, support and develop strong and genuine indigenous tourism experiences.

“The focus of this major event will be on taking Indigenous Tourism from the margins to the mainstream of our tourism offering.”

The blueprint for 2020 also includes how to capitalise on the growing demand from the Asian market.

“ATEC is also currently placing significant emphasis on creating a range of programs to support our members in digital marketing and distribution as well as engaging the China market to ensure they are well equipped to take full advantage of current and future opportunities,” she added.


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  • December 8, 2011 at 8:19 am

    Re indigenous, our regular Saturday South Coast trip includes a two hour interactive workshop with two Discovery Rangers (local Aboriginals) from NSW National Parks & Wildlife. Felicia Mariani is welcome to come along FOC.


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