Tourism South Australia paves the way with new website

Tourism South Australia is ahead of the nation with its innovative new website.  

The South Australian Minister for Tourism, John Rau, launched the redeveloped site which allows users to research and book their holiday without leaving the website.

“Online booking is the favoured approach by the vast majority of tourists and this new website places South Australia at the forefront of tourism marketing in Australia.”

“Potential visitors will now be able to browse, plan and book their perfect holiday online with fast and user friendly software without having to leave the website,” he said.

Unlike other state tourism websites, when tourists search on their results are filtered to first show those tourism products that are bookable online and available for particular dates. Of the 1,400 accommodation operators are listed on the site, over 450 of them are able to be booked online.

The second and third phases of the website upgrade are to be rolled out in coming months and will include dedicated sites for international markets, smart phone apps, interactive maps and closer integration with social media websites. 

0 thoughts on “Tourism South Australia paves the way with new website

  • August 6, 2011 at 11:17 am

    New website which looks nice and fine for domestic, but not well SEO’d and unless you know about SA already, how would anyone offshore find it, and then receive a personal consultation?

    We all criticise TA but one thing they have done well is to optimise the site to both attract and assist international prospectives offshore, how?

    By listing “Aussie Specialists” located offshore in diverse markets including their weblinks, creates inbound links (or references) increase Google PR, makes it easier to find website through generic web searches.

    More info see ATDW’s e marketing tutorials

    Still see in related industries too many administrative, sales and marketing personnel positioning themselves physically in the marketing and sales process while not taking advantage of the organic, economic and effective all year round benefits internet based marketing can bring (but then again can still justify expensive jollies and junkets to offshore physical events…).

    Taking on good internet based marketing should be a boon for small towns and operators, but there still seems to be a state administrative preference for conventional?


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