Tourism Victoria launches Play Melbourne tourism campaign

Victoria has unveiled its $14 million Play Melbourne campaign, the latest phase in the state’s Jigsaw tourism initiative.

Play Melbourne aims to reinforce the idea that Melbourne is full of surprises. The campaign is multi-level, incorporating TV, radio, digital platforms and social media.

A television commercial, aired nationally across free-to-air TV networks and subscription channels, launched the campaign, showing three friends visiting the city where they meet intriguing Melbournian characters and are invited to play games of chance which dictates their path through the city.

It can also be seen on Visit Victoria’s YouTube channel,, as shown above.

The campaign continues with a magazine, press, radio and digital advertising as well as a 52-week competition, offering people the chance to win a trip to Melbourne.

A dedicated microsite,, has been launched and will deliver news about Melbourne, providing visitors with the latest of what’s on and where to go.

The Play Melbourne iPhone application is available for download from the iTunes store, featuring GPS technology to reveal bars, cafes, restaurants, events and other attractions.

The Play Melbourne campaign will predominantly target creative opinion leaders and key target markets are Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth. The campaign will launch in New Zealand in 2012.

According to Tourism Victoria, Melbourne is seen as Australia’s most vibrant, creative and ‘edgy’ city, but many interstate consumers feel they know it too well.

The campaign aims to give people new reasons to visit Melbourne by showing them that there is a discovery around every corner.

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