Social media – crack cocaine for marketers

In a guest post on Thumbrella’s sister site Mumbrella, director at The Works Douglas Nicol says that for all the hype around social media, too few people are asking the hard questions.

It was a slightly awkward moment. We are assembled at SXSW, arguably the world’s leading interactive conference and birthplace of Twitter and Foursquare. We are listening to top social media marketers from some of the biggest brands in the country: PepsiCo, General Mills and Samsung. There is standing room only.

The session is called ‘Marketing budgets have gone social – is it working?’ The marketers spent most of the session talking about what they do rather than the ‘is it working?’ topic. There was some mutual backslapping around the fact that social media budgets have grown on average 30% this year. Then someone goes and spoils the fun and asks how they all measure the sales impact of their activities.


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