Queensland plans to market its way to recovery

Tourism Queensland (TQ) is planning a marketing blitz to help the state recover from the double whammy of floods and Cyclone Yasi.  

TQ chief executive officer Anthony Hayes told the ABC: “We need to get on with this as quickly as possible. The next challenge for us is to make sure Easter is a winner – Easter and Anzac Day run into each other this year so it’s a fairly long break. We want to make sure our industry is benefiting from that, which means we need to be out in the market very quickly.”

He said TQ would use state and federal government funding to market Queensland both nationally and globally.

Meanwhile, Tourism Whitsundays launched its A$300,000 74 Island Wonders marketing campaign in Sydney and Melbourne today. CEO Peter O’Reilly said it was important to spread the word that the Whitsundays were unaffected by the extreme weather conditions.

0 thoughts on “Queensland plans to market its way to recovery

  • February 8, 2011 at 5:18 pm

    It’s encouraging to see TW launching a $300k marketing campaign into Sydney and Melbourne, but who will benefit from this? Airfares direct into Hamilton Island are substantially cheaper than flying into Proserpine via Brisbane, and once at Hamilton unsuspecting travellers are then slugged up to $59 for a one way transfer to Airlie Beach which puts a sour taste in their mouths before setting foot in town. The ferry companies maintain that the landing and marina fees charged by the management at Hamilton is the reason fares are so high and they are not profiteering, but it is the accommodation and tour operators located in Airlie that bear the brunt of these charges with the lack of arrivals.

    I hope that part of the $300k will be spent explaining to potential pax that if they do the sums a $15 share taxi fare from Proserpine opens up a multitude of options to accommodation houses here currently struggling to keep their doors open. We are having the best weather we have had all year and you can shoot a cannon down the main street.

    I have plenty of feelings for our country cousins up north doing it tough also, but these dollars are being spent by our local TW in an attempt to drum up business that I fear will stop at Hamilton Island only and do us mainlanders no good at all.

    I hope I will be proven wrong.

  • February 9, 2011 at 11:04 am

    Great Tourism advertising pics and Cheap airfares around Oz will do the trick.
    Should get experienced Brett Claxton`s ideas on marketing Cairns region-to get it pumping again–


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