Showing off to mates is the key driver for independent travellers

Bragging rights and a desire to get off the beaten track are the key motivating factors for today’s adventure travellers, according to a series of focus groups conducted by STA Travel recently.  

STA conducted interviews with six groups of travellers over two days in Sydney last month, with 200 particpants aged 18-25, 25-30 and 30-35+ from a range of occupations.

A common finding across all groups was the appeal of ‘bragging rights’ – getting off the beaten track and visiting places their friends hadn’t been to yet. The top five destinations of interest were Nepal, Peru, Morocco, Egypt and the Galapagos.

Director of Marketing Natalie Placko said:

We’ve seen a real increase in our target demographics’ interest in travelling to the next ‘out there’ destination, somewhere where their mates are yet to go. There was a real interest in travel to places that were perceived as more adventurous – like Africa, the Middle East, South and Central America.”

STA launched its ‘Choose your own adventure’ campaign last week to promote a range of deals worldwide. Click here for more.

0 thoughts on “Showing off to mates is the key driver for independent travellers

  • December 17, 2010 at 2:30 pm

    I hate the cold and The Thing scared the bejesus out of me but I`ve got first dibs on “Scotty`s Ice House” in Antarctica!

    Now THAT would surely take the bikkie for bragging rights,eh?


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