Go back to your desk and take a good hard look at how you’re doing social media

Companies using social media should undertake an immediate brand audit to ensure they are engaging with their community effectively, delegates at the Adventure & Backpacker Industry Conference in Sydney were told last week.  

Speaking in a session entitled “Marketing on a shoestring”, Klick Communications founder Kim McKay warned Facebook users decide whether to ‘like’ a fan page within three seconds, so it’s vital to make a good first impression.

She said: “They look at your name – is it cool? When’s the last time you updated your status? How many other people like you? You’ve got about three seconds to get people to like you or move on with their lives.”

McKay said it was important to set expectations and ensure brand consistency if you want your community to talk about you on other pages and recommend you to their friends. She said:

“Branding is more than a logo, it’s the tone of voice you’re using, the language, the images you’re sharing in your photo gallery. Is your fan page linking to your website and vice versar?”

She recommended between two to four status updates per week as “people won’t unlike you for being too quiet but they will if you’re too noisy” and to speak in an authentic voice which is rooted in your brand heritage.

Travellr.com founder Ian Cumming said it was important not to obsess about Facebook and Twitter but to find where your community is and engage with them there.

He said: “An online community is a place where people are hanging out around a common interest. It doesn’t have to be Facebook and Twitter, it could be on your own website, on a mobile phone or on your mailing list.”

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