Aussie launches hop-on hop-off company Falafel Travel Corporation

A new hop-on hop-off travel company Falafel Travel Corporation has been launched at the World Youth and Student Travel Conference (WYSTC) by Australian Frank Scerri.  

The company will begin operation of its backpacker bus across Jordan, Israel and Egypt in March of next year. The new routes are a series of modular sectors within each country that can be travelled separately or combined in a three-country pass.

Scerri, who currently operates religious tours to the region out of Melbourne, is in talks with agents at WYSTC to sell the new product.

“People are genuinely excited about this product but the biggest question I have had is about security in the region. These countries are very safe places to travel and the people are extremely friendly,” he said.

The announcement marks the second year in a row an Australian company has launched a hop-on hop-off backpacker bus in a new part of the world at WYSTC. Last year it was Dragon Bus announcing their venture into China by Australian directors Jamie Dickson and Paul Kelly.

Dan Roberts from is Thumbrella’s WYSTC Beijing Correspondent and will keep you updated on all the latest WYSTC news throughout the week.

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