Tourism Australia campaign shows what backpackers can do in 60 seconds

Tourism Australia is launching a social media-led campaign targeted at US, UK and Japanese tourists.

Thumbrella’s sister site Mumbrella reports The Trip in a Minute campaign will see the wider release of two one-minute videos tracking the travels of two backpackers visiting destinations around Australia including Manly beach in Sydney, Byron Bay, Brisbane, Hervey Bay and Cairns.

The videos are already on the tourism body’s Facebook page which has over 355,000 fans. It features videos created by Josh from the US and Anna from the UK.

0 thoughts on “Tourism Australia campaign shows what backpackers can do in 60 seconds

  • March 9, 2010 at 1:38 pm

    The Gang at TA seemed to have missed the awesome Whitsunday Islands in this new campaign. Maybe the huge success of the Ben Southall campaign has had the TA gang ponder a new question. Should we just leave the Whitsundays off the next promo? The proof is above. Looks like for backpackers that the Whitsundays are the victims of their own success..


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