Generation Z the latest to turn their backs on travel agents

If you thought Generation Y was obsessed with technology, wait until Generation Z start booking their holidays.  

Travolution reports the results of a fascinating survey of five to 15-year-olds which found 65 per cent of the next generation prefer booking holidays online as it allows the family to view images and video and make their choice together. In contrast, just 28.8 per cent opt for travel agents, with the remaining six per cent choosing television.

The survey was conducted by YoungPoll on behalf of Teletext Holidays and the average age of respondents was 10.

In other results, 45 per cent take their iPod or MP3 player on holiday, 42.5 per cent take handheld games and 41 per cent pack their mobile phone.

Traditional media fares slightly better when it comes to keeping in touch with friends back home – while 39.5 per cent SMS their mates and 14 per cent put messages on social networking sites such as Facebook, 46.4 per cent still rely on good, old-fashioned postcards.

Travel agency chain Co-operative Travel Group warned the industry is lagging behind in its ability to provide booking solutions for the next generation of travel consumers. Distribution Director Alistair Rowland said: “Children today are almost beyond the web; they want to do their web transactions through their mobiles. Travel companies are struggling to catch up with moving their online technology to mobiles.”

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