Cairns tourism could be destroyed by global warming

Climate change leading to the bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef would cost Cairns nearly A$18 billion over the next 100 years and destroy tourism in the region, according to a new report.  

The report, by Oxford Economics, claims half of the tourists who visit the reef would stay away if it suffered permanent and total bleaching through rising water temperature, salinity or acidity affecting the coral.

It puts the value of the reef to the Cairns region at nearly $18 billion over the next century and claims the area would lose up to 90 per cent of that if action is not taken to prevent global warming.

Chairman of the Great Barrier Reef Foundation Dr John Schubert told the Sydney Morning Herald: ”These figures paint a disturbing picture both for tourism generally and for those local communities that benefit directly from their proximity to the reef.”

0 thoughts on “Cairns tourism could be destroyed by global warming

  • August 11, 2009 at 10:53 am

    There is not a lot wrong with the Great Barrier Reef at the moment, some problems but compared to other reefs globally, in very good health.

    However there is the perception out there that it is already dying and this assumption has already hurt tourism. Constantly scientists use the Great Barrier to secure funding for their research, fear, worst case scenario, financial loss, armageddon etc etc. The fact is that this constant speculation hurts more than the reality that has not happened yet.

    So not sure their concern is tourism, just funding, else they would refer to reef systems globally without singling out a single area because of it’s emotional pull. Not only reefs but very many other impacts could occur.

    So maybe this is true but the poor old reef has been the poster cause too often and too for too longa nd perhaps they should find another subject to fight their cause with if they actually do care about tourism.


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